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Dec 4, 2014

Proposed Law: Defining the cultural character of Shabbos

Despite the imminent dissolution of the Knesset, for now work goes on as normal, at least sort of, for the Members of the Knesset.

MKs Ruth Calderon (Yesh Atid) and Elazar Stern (Hatnua) have proposed a new law that would qualify the character of Shabbos in the public sphere.

The proposal attempts to define Shabbos as a special and unique day as the official national day of rest, as a day to be dedicated to culture, entertainment and leisure, with minimal commerce.

According to the proposal, while official State institutions would be closed, public facilities would be able to open, such as museums, zoos, cultural centers, national parks, etc. on Shabbos. The law would even allow for payment to enter any of these locations prior to Shabbos, so one would not have to pay on Shabbos itself.

According to the proposal, some limited public transportation would operate, upon approval from each local municipal authority, based on need of local residents. Makolets and pharmacies would require special permits to open, using some sort of rotational system. This would require approval from the local authority and from the Minister of Interior.

In addition, the law would stipulate government funding for cultural activities.

The law will also protect the rights of the Jewish employee to not work on Shabbos and not be discriminated against.
source: Srugim

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  1. As long as the SOI is not really run as a "Jewish" state, it is all meaningless. Shabbat is not a cultural thing but a religious commandment from the Torah and it is what has kept us as a people alive for over 3300 years. Culture has nothing to do with anything Jewish. We are a people that exist and live according to the laws given to Moshe by Hashem to and for His people, Israel. Plain and simple. Giving all kinds of excuses leads only to assimilation & disappearance of those who fall into that trap.

  2. This is just a ploy to make it easier to violate Shabbos. No doubt, though, that the liberal "movements" will eat this up, and the naive, liberal, Modern Orthodox will fawn over it. My full (brief) response is here: A New Shabbos Law? Don't Be Fooled!

  3. Unless all the people who will have to work to open all these places of culture, leisure,transportation, etc are non-Jews (a security risk problem as well) the idea that there won't be any pressure or consequences for refusing to work on Shabbat is a joke. And expect the list of places permitted to be open to keep expanding until it has no meaning whatsoever.

  4. Sounds like an attempt to overthrow the status quo.

  5. this was proposed in the past. extremists from both sides killed it.

    1. Good. May it should be killed again!

      Extremists? I've been called an extremist, because I have the audacity to believe that the Torah touches every aspect of our lives, not just what we put into our mouths or what we do or do not do on Shabbath. These aspects include how to run a [proper, Jewish] government, how to fight a war (there are a few different kinds, too), and how operate a proper, Jewish army.

      The fact that we are living in Modern times, and have been unfortunately spiritually influenced in galuth, allowing goyim to continue to dictate our spiritual paths, is something which we must weed through, and filter out the negatives, instead of embracing them, and remaining in denial that they are compatible with Torah ie. living as Jews are supposed to.

      Gee. I guess that makes HaZa"L, the Rishonim, Moshe Rabbenu, David HaMelekh, and countless others "extremists," too.

      Why aren't you an extremist?

  6. I'd expect the Bayit Yehudi to support. Bennet does not want to seem a religious fanatic, and frankly, don't expect the BY to learn from their mistakes of giving a finger and instead getting the hand taken.

    1. Josh, You're 100% on the mark.

      Fanatics OR extremists.



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