Jul 17, 2016

Proposed Law: less women on the dayyan appointment committee

In UTJ's consistent effort to reverse all decisions made by the previous government that included Yair Lapid's Yesh Atid and excluded the Haredi parties, MK Yisrael Eichler is now proposing a new law that would reverse one more decision taken by that government, should it pass.

The previous government passed a law that would require a minimum of 4 women appointed to the committee for appointing dayyanim. The minimum of 4 is related to the fact that there are a minimum of 4 men automatically on the committee - 2 chief rabbis and 2 dayyanim. They could appoint more than 4 if they want, but they do not need to, even if there are more than the automatic 4 men on the committee.

Eichler's law proposal to reverse that says that there could only be a maximum of 4 women appointed to the committee, rather than the 4 being a minimum.

Justice Minister Shaked is being appealed to to reject this proposal on the basis of discrimination against women, as women would be limited to being less than 40% of the committee membership.
source: Srugim

I don't know why Eichler is ok with 4 but no more than 4. If it is ok to have 4 women on the committee, why not 6 or 8? And if it is not ok to have any women on the committee, once he is trying to change the law why not take out the requirement altogether and go back to the way it was before Lapid?

And from the other side, if 4 is ok as a minimum, maybe they should be happy that Eichler isn't trying to make the maximum less than that. He could probably get away with that if he tried, considering the balance of power. And, even with 4 as the minimum remaining the law, as the Haredim continue to obtain more power on this committee and in politics, we can all be pretty sure that they will ensure the actual number of appointees will be stuck at the minimum  qualified in law.

So, maybe the two sides should just compromise on 4 as the actual number.

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