Jul 24, 2016

Quote of the Day

The government of Israel wants to take from an entire generation the ability to support itself... 

  -- MK Yair Lapid (Yesh Atid) responding to the news of the vote in the government to revoke the law passed by Lapid that would have forced the Haredi educational institutions to teach core curriculum subjects

Lapid is wrong with this because Lapid is passing the buck to the government and blaming the government for the bad decisions of a specific community. The blame for this should all go to the leadership of the Haredi community that has fought against teaching core curriculum subjects. I understand they don't want to be forced into doing anything, but they alone are at fault for the educational system they promulgate to their people. Let them bear the blame for their flock living in destitution, large percentages of them unable to make a decent living, and children who fail out of the system with no other options made available to them.

I think we all know that even had the government not repealed the law and elft it on the books that they have to teach these subjects, the Haredi community would have found a way out of it...

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  1. This post makes no sense. The government just gave in to the demands of the Hareidi parties. They have no responsibility for that?

  2. Lapid is blaming the government for not looking out for all those kids and instead giving in to the demands of the Haredi parties. ergo, Lapid says the government is at fault, by not insisting on keeping the requirement for core curriculum studies, for take away their abilityt o make a living


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