Jul 24, 2016

Proposed Law: Terrorist - hostage negotiation

MK Elazar Stern (Yesh Atid) has proposed a law by which there would be rules set for hostage negotiation, should it, God forbid, ever be necessary.

Stern's proposal has two elements to it:
1. hostage negotiations to exchange Israelis captured by enemy for terrorists in Israeli jails would be on the basis of 1 for 1. No more trading thousands of terrorists for one or a few Israelis. 1 for 1, and that's it.
2. As soon as an Israeli is taken hostage by the enemy, Israel will harshen the terms of imprisonment for terrorists in Israeli jails. This would apply to terrorists associated with the organization behind the abduction.
source: IBA

The worst part about this law proposal is that it is being proposed by a member of the Opposition, and specifically Yesh Atid. They don't get along too well with coalition members right now, so I see it as having a high chance of being rejected. Hopefully they will approach it on its merits and garner enough support to put it through the process.

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