Jul 25, 2016

Shas perpetuates racism, again

As I have said before, in my opinion, having a party like Shas in the Knesset, by its very existence, perpetuates racism/discrimination against Sefardim. As they work to supposedly rid society of racism against Sefardim, they enhance it and they effect more racism in practice.

This time it comes out in a side effect of the repealing of the core curriculum law that would have forced the Haredi educational system to teach core curriculum subjects or risk decreased funding from the government.

The side effect is in another part of the same law that was also repealed at the same time. The clause stated that it is illegal to discriminate against Sefardi young women in the various seminaries and schools. That has been repealed as well, and now it is legal to discriminate against the Sefardi women and not accept them into the schools.

That means, the Haredi parties, both UTJ and Shas, supported changing the law to make it legal to discriminate against Sefardim (in the instance of Sefardim women in seminaries).

The interesting thing about this is while intended, I am sure that the final result is not what they want. They say, and I heard this on the radio from both MK Menachem Eliezer Mozes of UTJ and MK Yaakov Margi (Shas), that of course it is bad that it is no longer illegal to discriminate and they must deal with now. However, they explained that their goal was to rid the lawbooks of everything that had been put in by Shai Piron, Minister of Education at that time - whether it was something bad or good. They don't want anything from Piron on the books affecting them and telling them what to do or not to do.

לא מדבשך ולא מעוקצך 

Not from your honey, and not from your sting, as God told Balaam when he couldn't curse the Jews so asked permission to bless them instead.

The same attitude has been in effect in their work to reverse everything put in by Lapid.

I don't recall the same attitude regarding previous Education Ministers such as Shulamit Aloni and Yossi Sarid, or other Ministers like Avraham Poraz, Tommy Lapid, and others who were considered strongly anti-Haredi. I don't even think Yair Lapid is as anti-Haredi as some of those others, yet the approach to dealing with him is generally much harsher than I remember how the others were dealt with.

Is Yair Lapid seen as the most anti-haredi ever? Is this a new approach because whatever they did back then wasn't effective enough?

Another interesting thing I noticed is that while they each spoke about the issue and about how bad it is that the discrimination exists and that the problem must be resolved, neither of them said anything about formulating a new law to replace the repealed law. Much of what was legislated by Yesh Atid a couple of years ago has been repealed and replaced with new laws more to the liking of the Haredi parties. This they repealed without replacing it with a new law formulated by them.

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  1. It's easy to explain. If Sefaradim are not discriminated against in any way, Shas has no reason to exist. Thus, they have to take (at least occasional) opportunities to reinstate discrimination. The old 2 steps forward, 1 step back. Or, enough progress to keep the voters, but not enough progress to obsolete themselves.

  2. this is a different shas.

    the old shas fought for sfardim to be accepted.

    this new shas (after ROY) wants to be introverted (like charedim in general) and wants its sfardiot / sfardim to go to sfardi schools, which they control.

    are they really interested in outreach to non religious sfardim? are these non religious sfardim still attending their schools? do they care?


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