Jan 30, 2017

Chuck Todd Confronts Priebus on Trump Holocaust Statement: Why Whitewash Jews From That Statement? (video)

the White House, under the Trump Administration, put out a statement for International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the left out the word "Jews" and simply remembered all those who died.

Then, when criticized for not overtly mentioning the Jews, they doubled down and explained that of course it is the Jews but also many others.

Some say that talking about the Holocaust itself makes the word "Jews" redundant and unnecessary, as the Holocaust refers to the Jews.  Others say leaving it out, considering that while many others were killed, Jews were a specific focus and target of the Nazis, must be an attempt to scrub history a bit.

Basically, I think it is just pretty stupid to leave out the Jews from the statement, but probably not indicative of anti-semitism. I also don't know why we need so many holocaust remembrance days and events throughout the year, especially when the world isn't using them to learn the lessons and stop the genocides and mass murders and other horrors around the world in places like Syria and Darfur and others..

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