Jan 30, 2017

Haredi MKs threaten government stability once again

The Haredi MKs are once again threatening to pull out of the government unless they get their way. This time the issue is that of the cancellation of the original Kotel arrangement deal.
(Reportedly they are about to make an alternative offer, one they claim would allow the site to be used for such prayer without giving official recognition to the Reform as being legitimate.)
source: Kikar

Last week it was threatening about returning the power to decide about work on Shabbos in Tel Aviv (and other cities) to Minister of Interior Aryeh Deri.

Before that it was money for yeshivos and IDF draft issues.

This reminds me of Lapid in the last government that regularly threatened Netanyahu with pulling out of the government unless his issues were approved. Eventually Netanyahu had enough, got fed up, and dismantled the government, calling new elections.

On the one hand, it looks like this could soon become a similar situation. With threats being bandied about so frequently, one day Netanyahu could just say forget it - let's go to elections.

On the other hand, Netanyahu doesn't want elections now either, considering the investigations, and considering the polls showing Lapid's growing popularity. He might be willing to put up with mroe because of it.

On the third hand, despite all the threats, the Haredi MKs are considered to be very loyal to Netanyahu. They too don't want new elections, considering Lapid's increasing popularity. Perhaps Netanyahu knows that the threats are not real and just for show on the "Haredi street".

It seems there position is good enough that they can continue to threaten without risking the ire of Netanyahu.. Eventually, with such an approach, the straw will break the camels back.

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