Jan 12, 2017

The great kipa trade-in

The entire "Chardak" campaign against Haredi soldiers in the IDF has been upsetting, disturbing and troublesome. It has been violent - physically, verbally, and mentally - and it has been tearing the community apart. From beginning to end. From the posters with the pig faces and the verbal attacks all the way to the public "shaming" of the soldiers and especially the physical attacks in various shuls in some Charedi strongholds. All of it.

Until now.

The latest stage in the Chardak campaign is actually cute and initially made me chuckle.

Supposedly the next stage will be a campaign offering a "trade in" so these soldiers can trade in their black yarmulkas and get knitted kippot in return.

Kaminetz, the dude who was arrested for being behind the shaming, revealed (that he "heard about" this upcoming campaign and explains it that Charedim and the army are "kilayim" and contradict each other, and this trade in campaign will put the color of the kipas back in order and back in the right places.
source: Kikar

besides for the "cuteness" of the campaign, it is funny in the sense that they think the color of the kipa is so important that just by changing the kipa it solves the problem, and certain kipas are supposed to be in some places and other kipas in other places...

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  1. They are sad, little men. I don't consider myself Charedi, but I've worn a black felt Kipa most of my life. Anyone who identifies by their Kipa style is a loser. Full stop.

  2. And if u have been blessed to be a female, do u trade in your cotton turban for a shoulder length human hair shteil?

    1. presumably you wouldnt be in the army. if you were, that would be a part of a different fight entirely

  3. When I was in Yeshiva, one bachor's black velvet kipa became unwearable on Purim. In the next day in the Beis Medrash he had no choice but to wear his sruggi. As he was embarrassed, so he wore is black hat during morning seder to hide it.

    Our mashgiach (Rabbi O.) hates fanatics. On and off during morning seder he picked on this person. The banter included giving advice on how to land the powerhouse shidduch with the large apartment and FIL who will pay for you to stay in kollel.

    'Don't be too frum, it will giveaway the fact you are BT'
    'Don't talke to the Ulpan teacher because you will learn to pronounce words properly' etc...

    Finally another bachor asked about marrying for love. His response 'If you want love, buy goldfish.'

    The point is that this campaign reinforces what I hear over and over coming from the Haredi and Yeshivish world's. It is what is on the outside that counts.


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