Jan 19, 2017

Interesting Psak: riding in a car on Shabbos

According to a report in the Jerusalem Post, Ivanka and her husband, Orthodox Jews who "rest" on Shabbos, have received an interesting psak that would allow them to travel by car this Friday night after the inauguration of Ivanka's father, Donald J Trump, as President of the United States of America.

According to Mark Zell, chair of the Republican Party in Israel, who described the situation on Radio Kol Berama this morning, the psak takes into account safety issues, and compared this to a situation of pikuch nefesh.

No mention (in the article) of any details beyond that, or the name of the rabbi who issued the psak, leaves me wanting for more information. Surely if it were pikuach nefesh this would be allowed, no questions asked. I wonder how this is determined to be the case. Every time the daughter of the president wants to go anywhere outside her own house - does it get the status of pikuach nefesh? Is there a credible threat right now that they took into account while in a regular situation the answer might have been different?.

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  1. Rafi - are you sure the psak was that they can DRIVE on Shabbos, or that they can travel in a car driven by another on Shabbos? The first is definitely a d'oreisa, which requires true Pikuach Nefesh to be able to do on Shabbos. The second is Uvda d'Chol, and possible Zilzul Shabbos, but if someone opens the doors for them (so that no light is turned on), it's not a technical Issur - and that could have been allowed more easily in this case.

  2. I noticed. notice that nowhere did I say drive.
    and I am not arguing with the psak or taking it apart. I am wondering about more information.

  3. Rafi - your headline is "Driving on Shbbos". You may want to change that - and not only for the typo :-)

    1. point taken. changed. though the original headline would definitely draw more attraction.. :-)

  4. With all of the protests and Leftists who refuse to accept the outcome, I can see why it might be pikuach nefesh at this time. Remember the person who was proud to harass Ivanka on the plane a few weeks ago? Not to mention the video of the activists planning to disrupt events.


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