May 23, 2017

comma Israel now

with everyone so high on Donald Trump's visit to Israel, now might be the time to ask for a smaller gesture than moving the embassy...

the embassy is a big move, and it brings with it a lot of problems, including that even some of the Israelis aren't sure they want it done. It would also take a long time and just physically be  ahumongous project. Something smaller can be done that would show his friendship and recognition of Israel and would affect less.

I would say to ask Trump to add just a few characters on his communications - the ", Israel".

That is, at least on communications regarding West Jerusalem, if not also East Jerusalem, it should say "Jerusalem, Israel" instead of just "Jerusalem".

The , Israel only adds 8 more characters to his Twitter postings, and it won't add much anywhere else either - in press statements, on passports, etc.

That little comma Israel can be a big gesture that would threaten less bloodshed than moving the embassy.

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  1. Moving the embassy is not just a symbolic move but rather the end of the world denial that Israel has chosen a location for its seat of government, a location that is not disputed, unless there is still some plan on the table to internationalize the city.

  2. I'm sorry that many Israelis 'don't care'. Stats have already shown less people are visiting the city, despite Barkat's attempt at secular festivities.
    As for the project to build - not our issue. The State Department has a current policy about bringing embassies up to new specs, more accessible and also more secure, and Jerusalem would just get into that list as well.

  3. I agree it should be done, but it is looking less and less likely , and even if it does eventually happen it will take time. this is something smaller that can be done much quicker with less noise

  4. He can't do that. 8 characters is Big Loser - so you see he needs them for twitter


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