May 28, 2017

hechsher problems in Jerusalem Iryah event

Kikar is reporting about a special session of the Jerusalem municipality that was due to meet in honor of Yom Yerushalayim. It was discovered he food to be served was certified as kosher under the supervision of the Beit Yosef hashgacha, which is not considered reliable enough for the UTJ representatives. The UTJ reps said they would either not participate or would participate without eating the food.

After some scrambling, the Mayor, Nir Barkat, resolved the predicament by having other food brought in for the UTJ representatives.

While I would not have reacted that way, I do appreciate that they felt they needed to, as public representatives. They did not want to, or could not, set an example or precedent, in eating the food.

What is surprising is that this happened at all. Is this the first time food is being served at a city hall function? Do they not have some sort of protocol in place to serve food that keeps all the members happy and find acceptable?

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