May 21, 2017

Do what you want in Tel Aviv

Rav Mazuz called on the Haredi MKs to fight to the end against the Kotel deal that is meant to grant a space for prayer to the Reform groups. He told them not to worry, even if necessary to bring down the government for this..

That much I get and can appreciate.

The part I find confusing is when he says in wonderment how they are "charging" on Jerusalem, as if it interests them when it never did before and they considered it an "old grandmother that should be given an honorable burial. Rav Mazuz says that they should leave Jerusalem alone and make for themselves a Kotel in Tel Aviv and they can do there whatever they want..
source: Haredim10

Really? The Haredi MKs are instructed to let them do whatever they want in Tel Aviv? They can have their buses on Shabbos and build their temples and the Haredi MKs will leave them be?

I was not aware that this is the Haredi position, or maybe Rav Mazuz is simply disagreeing on that with all the other rabbonim telling the Haredi MKs what to do about the fights in Tel Aviv..

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  1. He might have revealed something we had already assumed. Recall the issue with the trains on Shabbat? Shas/Agudah were letting it slide quietly, but the Haredi radio guys dragged them in (probably thinking they wanted to give the Haredi MKs a stronger backing). But what if their rabbinical committees had actually recommended them to not bother fighting the battle in TA?

  2. There are actually a lot more Reform and Conservative Jews in Jerusalem than in Tel Aviv. There's one Reform synagogue in Tel Aviv and it's pretty empty. There are lots in Jerusalem.


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