May 21, 2017

Rabbi Yona Metzger loves prison life

According to an interview with the new broadcasting agency Kaan, Rabbi Metzger seems to really be enjoying hsi time in prison.

Metzger is in what is considered the "VIP" ward of Maasiyahu prison and says he is living the good life and as happy as can be.

According to his responses in the interview, Rabbi Metzger says conditions there are better than in a dormitory and far better than conditions on reserve duty. He has an air conditioned beis medrash to learn in with comfy furniture and nobody bothering him. Everybody gets along, comes to davening, eats together, cooks together.... and the food is amazing and there are chefs there making food that even at home he has nothing like.
source: Haredim10

I hope his wife is not insulted by how he happy he is in prison, especially with the food but also with all the other conditions he is so impressed with.

Maybe he is just being positive and trying to make the best of a bad situation. Or maybe prison really isn't that bad - at least not in the VIP ward.

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  1. At our, the tax payers, expense!

  2. Prison for Charedim is little different than Yeshivah or Kollel life. Charedim should all be in solitary.

  3. The man is a walking Chilul Hashem.


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