May 9, 2017

Rav Aviner would cancel Lag bOmer

I am not a follower of Rav Aviner and don't know much of what he says or talks about. The little I have heard from him have mostly been tings I did not agree with and I don't normally personally really connect to what I see quoted from him.

That being said, when he said today that if it were up to him he would cancel lag bOmer entirely, I can find myself agreeing with that. It is a made-up holiday and has come in recent years to have way too much significance on society and our daily lives. It does not need to be a day off of school. It does not need to cause even the slightest possibility of chilul shabbos. It does not require people to throw off their schedules staying up throughout the night and traveling up north.

People, as always, can do what they want, go to Meron or not, dance, cut hair or whatever, but Lag bOmer does not need to be considered a holiday.

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  1. Even Ami Nimran on Kol Chai brought up that the hilula for Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes this week is not the real day but a leftover of when ancient pilgrims from Jerusalem would stop on their way to Meron.
    As for the quasi-holiday - I agree. Either make it a full civil holiday (moveable like the fast of esther and tisha b'av) or stop with this school holiday thing which sucks for working parents.

  2. Those pamphlets in the paper, about "the holy fire" giving us blessings or something, are for very nice religion, but it ain't Judaism.

    1. Indeed. Lag Baomer, as practiced by many Jews, is Avodah Zarah.


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