Aug 6, 2017

can someone be fired for being not religious?

interesting situation..

The Ministry of Religious Affairs appointed a news spokesperson. After the fact they discovered that this person is not religious, and posts things online publicly on Shabbos. There are calls for the appointment to be revoked, and the Minister has said that if he will not resign and remove himself from the office, he, the Minister, will have to fire him.
source: Kipa

While it seems to be logical that the Ministry of religious Affairs should have someone religious filling so public a role as spokesperson, I don't know that it is crucial for the job - he can probably perform the job of spokesperson perfectly fine even as a not-religious person.

So, if any other office in the country refused to hire someone, or fired that person, because he is religious, that would surely be illegal, and the religious parties would be up in arms over it, but firing someone because he is not religious is ok and legal? I wonder if this will go to court...

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  1. Sounds like Rachel Dolezal who was forced to resign as president of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) when it turned out she had mislead them about being black ( )

  2. Should be possible to fire him/her for violating the integrity of their position i.e. posting on Shabbat on behalf of the ministry. It would be different if they were posting their personal stuff.

    1. the article does not specify if the person's posts on Shabbos were personal or on behalf of the ministry, but I would sort of agree with that qualification. I dont know that he should be fired for it, at least not right away. He should definitely receive instruction and if he then intentionally ignores the instruction and continues to post (on behalf of the ministry) that would be grounds for firing.


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