Aug 3, 2017

Violence is only allowed in one direction

why is it that when a rabbi says something against the Pride Parade or against the Gay community (and usually it is not calls to violence), it becomes a very big deal yet when the Gay community or its supporters speaks harshly against rabbis, specifically issuing death threats or threats of violence, it barely gets mentioned? Violence is acceptable when it comes in support of the Gay community?

Rav Shmuel Eliyahu has been threatened due to his stance on the Pride Parade and the Gay community. Why is that ok? Why is that not considered a big deal?

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  1. There is a pecking order when it comes to political correctness. The higher up you are, the more you are a"victim" and absolved of responsibility for your crimes. You can insult but you cannot be insults. Gays are no 2 on the list right now, Orthodox Jews are somewhere near the bottom.

  2. Talking about political correctness, we need to understand that it is the tool to control speech which ultimately controls the mind - mind control.


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