Sep 6, 2017

lawsuit over being served bacon in non-kosher restaurant

A Jewish woman in Detroit is suing Denny's for having put bacon in a meatless omelette she ordered and ate. Angela Montgomery considers herself a practicing Jew and bacon is therefore prohibited. In addition she had some harsh words for how vile bacon and pigs are. When she told them about the bacon and demanded an explanation, they apologized for the mistake (the bacon is kept next to the vegetables) and offered to make a new omelette and deduct the omelette from her bill.

In a separate lawsuit in Detroit a Muslim is suing KFC for a similar issue.
source: Detroit Free Press

I see people have been very critical of Montgomery in their comments, saying things like she should not have gone in there anyway, what did she expect, how does she consider herself a practicing Jew yet eat at Denny's, and on and on in that theme.

Practicing Jew and Religious, or Orthodox, Jew are not the same. There are many Jews who are practicing Jews in various ways and at different levels. There are plenty of people who eat out at non-kosher restaurants without eating explicitly non-kosher food, even if halachically there are problems (eg things cooked on the same griddle as non-kosher meats).

There are also plenty of people who eat non-kosher food but still will not eat bacon and pork. Whatever her behavior is, and how right or wrong it might be within the boundaries of halacha, she has the right to request no bacon and expect to get food without bacon in it. And, considering that Montgomery is a Jew who will go to a non-kosher restaurant to eat at least some of the foods there, I am impressed by how opposed she is to bacon and how upset she is by what happened.

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  1. I agree on the religious angle, but her reaction was way, way over the top. Mistakes happen. No one poisoned her. Take the new omelet and go.

  2. And one more thing: if it gets to court, the judge should throw the case so far, she'll need Hubble to find it.


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