Sep 6, 2017

Quote of the Day

It is impossible to force anyone to keep Shabbos.. We must protect the character of the Jewish State. Every child, whether secular or Haredi, should at least know that the Shabbos day is different, that it is a national day of rest as has been established... in the last 15 years something has happened, the Shabbos has been breached.. we have to know where to put the finger in the dam..

  -- Minister Aryeh Deri, contemplating the current battles over State-mandated chilul shabbos

 Without knowing what Deri or the other Haredi politicians will do about this issue and how far they will take it, at least it is good to see they are contemplating what effect this might have on other people...

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  1. Shas doesn't draw all their support from the Haredi community. They campaigned on being the party to fight poverty. Unlike UTJ, they could lose mandates should they spin this fight the wrong way.

    The best outcome for Shas is to stop the desecration of Shabbat without stopping the soccer games. When Deri was the minister responsible for the permits, he gave the job to someone else rather then refuse to renew them. I can't see him wanting to practically do anything different this time around.

    1. your first point is an interesting perspective..

      regarding your second point, he seems to be forced into the dilemma by his Ashkenazi counterparts who are pressing the issue, and he cannot really be left behind. As well, his brother, the chief rabbi of Beer Sheva, is also strongly pressing the issue.


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