Oct 3, 2017

donors for donors

Rav Haber from the amazing Matnat Chaim organization is being investigated for giving donor priority to donors. Matnat Chaim encourages and arranges live organ donations, specifically of kidneys. Due to the efforts of Matnat Chaim, the numbers of kidney donations, altruistic, have skyrocketed. The investigation seems o looking into whether Rav Haber gave priority to kidney donor recipients who made donations to his organization, which is illegal.

Without weighing in on any opinion if Rav Haber is good or bad and if he did something wrong or not, because I do not have any secret information that reveals this to me...

The Haredi sites are going out of their way to talk about how great Rav Haber is and they are showing tremendous support from past donor recipients who are acting as character witnesses and saying no money was involved.

Perhaps no money was ever involved. I certainly hope that is the case. I just never understood the futility of such efforts. Nobody ever said every potential recipient had to pay to receive a donation. The claim is that some recipients got pushed up the list by making donations. Those that did not pay to play, surely the vast majority, will not even know about that - so them saying publicly nothing untoward ever happened is pointless. If something happened, they just do not know about it, as would be expected.

The sad thing is that if he is found guilty it is likely Matnat Chaim will bear the brunt of the negative publicity and kidney donations will probably plummet back to near the levels they were when only the government was involved in looking for donations.

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  1. Gov'ts seem unable to let anything function without trying to ruin it.

  2. Dozens of short video clips on Matnat Chaim's Facebook page and YouTube channel from donors and recipients (in Hebrew) - worth watching!
    @matnatchaim on FB.


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