Oct 3, 2017

IDF argue Haredim with Dati Leumi

The IDF is reportedly working overtime to find ways to get religious women to join the IDF and have made their interview process more thorough to determine a candidate's level of religious observance when applying for the exemption for religious women.

Reportedly, the recruiting officer even said to one such candidate who explained that she does not want to serve due to a prohibition on women serving int he army and a psak to that point issued by many rabbonim, something to the tune of many haredim are being drafted today and if the army was so bad, they would not do so - "and they are far more haredi than you".
source: Kipa

The candidate's response should have been something to the tune of explaining that the Haredim don't allow even a single woman to join the army, so if they want to point to the Haredim as examples, their number swill go way down among female recruits. And, if they want to compare the DL community to the Haredi community in general regarding the draft, the DL can take a similar approach to the Haredim as well, and the army won't be so happy about Haredim drafting if the DL community imitates the percentages of Haredim being drafted...

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