Aug 6, 2018

Lapid puts it all out on the table

MK Yair Lapid (Yesh ATid) has posted a campaign promise stating what they are obligating themselves to do should they be chosen to form the next government - the laws they will revoke, the laws they will fix and amend, the law they will pass and the revoked laws they will bring back.

Laws to cancel:
Minimarket Law
Primaries Funding Law
Recommendations Law
Law Preventing the publicizing of the closure of police investigations
tax benefits for the Prime Minister
Nahari Law

Laws to fix:
Nation State Law
Surrogacy Law
Special Ed Law

Laws to Bring back:
the original draft law
Core Curriculum
canceling the position of Minister Without Portfolio
limiting government to 18 ministers
Kotel arrangement
Conversion arrangement
Tzohar Law

the first law they will pass:
term limits for the Prime Minister

I happen to think of all of these the term limits is the most important, and the most attractive to me...

You have to at least admire that they are putting it all on the table and will let the public decide knowing what they plan to do. I dont know who they plan to form a government with. They are basically writing everyone else out - the Haredi parties will never agree to most of these - even if they would theoretically agree to sit in a government with or formed by Lapid, Habayit Hayehudi is wishy washy and unprincipled enough that they might, I cannot see the Likud being willing to sit in a government that says it will reverse everything the Likud did, and Lapid isnt left wing enough for the left wing parties to join - maybe Labor, but not UAL and not Meretz. Without trying to prophesize about what will and will not happen, it really looks like a pipe dream. but at least they are putting it all out on the table. Other parties should follow suit.

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  1. 'I cannot see the Likud being willing to sit in a government that says it will reverse everything the Likud did'

    Isn't that what the current Likud Government did, to appease the Haredi parties?

    One of the major problems with Israeli government is that they are very unstable. This leads to a lack of long term planning. Much like the direct elect PM idea, IMHO I think term limits in the current format will just make the problem worse.

  2. true but there is a difference as in the previous government that legislation was Lapids and the Likud went along with it. they werent tied to it, so didnt mind reversing it for their new coalition partners. This time many of these things were advanced by the likud, even if partially at the behest of their partners.

  3. If it means hobbling a coalition together, you don't think it is possible for Bibi to reverse a decision he made in this Government and go with a decision he made with a Government before it? This is especially true for the limits on # of cabinet members and Ministers without Portfolio. He can go along with them, unless he needs to change it. If he needs to change it he will have the power to do so, just like in this Government.

  4. Perhaps appropriately for an unserious populist who lives by social media (and let's be honest, there is no Yesh Atid, there is Yair Lapid), a bunch of these are no more than pandering to the Facebook/Twitter "spontaneous" (i.e., NIF-engineered) protest mobs. The idiotic drive to "amend" the surrogacy and national laws (in the latter case, a front for the real desire, which is to repeal it) are prime examples here.

    A bunch of others are simply potshots at Bibi, which is the biggest idea the left has these days.

    Oddly, the ones the charedim most care about (or claim to) are only in the "restore" category, which means "go back to what things were all along." "Restoring" the draft bill merely means "no charedim serving." I note they don't include one they specifically called for, the end of "deputy ministers" holding the top job. Very telling that.

    1. Fortunately, the social media mobs don't really have that many votes.


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