Aug 6, 2018

Deri is enforcing the law he said he wouldnt enforce

A quiet period, when people are away on vacation, with the Knesset out of session, politics at a low buzz, does not generate a lot of interesting news stories. Minister Aryeh Deri broke that rule yesterday when he announced that he will not approve the municipal laws passed in a number of cities to allow some businesses to remain open and operational on Shabbos.

It is turning into a fight with cities such as Givatayim, Rishon and others already having appealed to the Supreme Court on the matter. Modiin is a little more interesting, as its mayor, Chaim Bibes, who is also chairman of the Federation of Local Authorities, is throwing some threats around about keeping Modiin open and not letting Deri bring it into the Dark Ages for political gain.

Deri himself justifies his stance saying these cities have not qualified under the law to remain open on Shabbos as they have failed to show how having these markets remain open on Shabbos is critical for the city and serves a great need. Deri also said that Shabbos is both a social and a Jewish value in the sense of letting workers rest with the day off of work.

Just to remind you, back in January when the law was being passed, Minister Aryeh Deri said publicly that he would not enforce this law. He basically said he was pushing this law through for his internal politics but would not enforce it and cause fights over it. MK Gafni at the time was recorded saying that the law would actually be enforced. Gafni said this when giving a speech on Shabbos and he thought what he was saying would not get out beyond the room he was in at the time.

I said then that fighting so hard to get the law passed and then not enforcing it seems to turn the whole government into a pointless and futile exercise and if they work so hard to pass a law, they should enforce it. Anybody who was worried by the law and then calmed when Deri reassured the public it would not be enforced was just turning a blind eye. The claim was ridiculous, as was the expectation that he would uphold that statement.

Politicians are politicians are politicians.

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  1. Remember that Shas is campaigning in many municipal elections, so Deri may be keen to get his party some media coverage.
    However, whether the permits to open on Shabbat are approved or not, it is up to the local municipalities to decide whether to employ inspectors to go to businesses and hand out fines for breaking the law. And it may be legitimate for municipalities to say that they are unable to employ inspectors on Shabbat as that would violate the law guaranteeing workers do not have to work on Shabbat.

    So whatever political mileage Deri and Haim Bibis get out of this, if any city wants to allow business to open on Shabbat, there is very little that Deri can do to prevent it.

  2. it looks like Deri agrees with you..


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