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Jan 16, 2018

Gafni says minimarket law will be enforced

MK Moshe Gafni (UTJ) has gotten himself into a bit of a pickle over the minimarket law.

Haredi MKs and ministers, along with some from the Likud, have been trying to calm the public over the passage of the law by saying nothing will change and the law won't, or can't, be enforced. Gafni, on Shabbos, speaking at a Bnei Braq Ichud Hatzala event, basically told them the whole thing is a bluff and the law will be enforced and he described how. Gafni said that they have a secret agreement with the PM that will enable them to use hundreds of agents that have been tasked with dealing with the illegal migrants for enforcing the minimarket law on Shabbos.

It turns out that even though Gafni spoke on Shabbos, someone, I don't know if it was a goy or a Jew, recorded it and leaked it to the media.

Gafni obviously blew his top when questioned about it.

Personally, I am happy it will be enforced. What is the point of fighting over a law proposal that once passed won't even be enforced. If they insisted on passing it, they should ensure it is also enforced. The result of enforcement might even be the eventual overturning of the law, perhaps by a future government, but that is how the Israeli government works.

The more upsetting part of this is not the enforcement of the law but the lies and deception. They are all publicly saying it wont be enforced in order to keep everyone calm, while secretly planning to enforce it. And specifically Gafni as well - he worked out the enforcement plan but was only willing to talk about it on Shabbos with people he thought could be trusted to keep it quiet and support him. An unusually stupid move by a normally smart politician. Politicians must know that anything they say, especially if controversial, will get out to the public, sooner rather than later.

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  1. There are hundreds of non-Jewish agents currently fighting against illegal immigrants? I didn't realize there were so many.

  2. They could use all of the IsraRail employees who are no longer 'working' on Shabbos. Wouldn't employing enforcement officers be the same issue as train maintenance work?


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