Jan 28, 2018

The Polish law is a Polish joke

in light of the new law in Poland making it illegal to say that Poles are responsible for Holocaust crimes no Polish soil, I would like to immediately break the law and say that while the Germans devised and carried out the Holocaust, the Polish people were largely complicit (barring exceptions of Poles who risked their own lives to save Jews) and acted brutally in killing of Jews throughout Poland. They are welcome to come arrest me.

And, in light of the new law in Poland, I would like to hear some ideas for laws we could pass in a similar vein.. things like making it illegal to say Israelis love to eat eggplant, or make it illegal to claim that Israelis stand in line in an orderly fashion at the supermarket

This Polish law is basically matching the stereotype of all the Polish jokes ever

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1 comment:

  1. "Largely" complicit? The Germans killed about two million non-Jewish Poles, and there are more Chasidei Umot HaOlam from Poland than from any other country.

    All this law says is that you can't call the camps "Polish"- which of course they weren't; they were built and run by the Germans- and you can't say Poland *as a country* (or as a people) was complicit, which of course it wasn't- Germany (and the USSR) took over Poland completely, and there was a government in exile in France and then the UK which in fact tried to save Jews. (The Polish underground, which was connected to the government in exile, gave the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto weapons, for example, and the Polish Army was one of the largest Allied armies.)

    Poland was far from perfect, of course, but these laws aren't lying about anything. And Poland doesn't deny the Holocaust at all- it runs the Auschwitz site and sends all its students and soldiers to tour it! I wouldn't pass them because I don't believe in any sort of speech laws, but that's another story.

    My roommate in college (YU) was one of the last Jews of Poland. His mother survived because she was hidden by a non-Jewish couple my roommate still treated as his grandparents. He always resented people who blamed "Poland" for the Holocaust.


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