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Jan 23, 2018

segregation arrives in Gur for kosher smartphone holders

Smartphone owners have been targets of derision and punishment in the Haredi community for a while now. We've seen smartphone owners be declared unfit to daven for the amud, get aliyas, blow shofar, hear shofar, witness weddings and more.

The latest, in the Gur community, is separate classrooms for children of people with smartphones -and that is for people with approved kosher smartphones. Anybody in Gur who claims to need a smartphone, can get permission to obtain a kosher smartphone with filtering. It seems that so many people have gotten permission for the smartphones that they are going to be opening separate classrooms to filter out those kids from the kosher cellphone kids.
source: Actualic

Classroom segregation makes me wonder if we will soon see separate water fountains and bathrooms...I guess at least they aren't throwing the kids out of school and rejecting the applications of such kids.

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  1. What will happen if eventually there aren't enough children for the OTHER classes?

  2. Most of them probably have unfiltered smartphones anyway, as it's a simple and cheap way to get Internet access that can be hidden from everyone.


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