Jan 29, 2018

bug-free strawberries

In the frum community nowadays strawberries are considered one of the most infested of the fruits and vegetables and many say that there is no way, halachically, to eat fresh strawberries unless they are pulverized.

According to an article in Behadrei, even such people who think strawberries are infested will now be able to enjoy fresh strawberries. According to the article, a frum guy from Bnei Braq who works in agriculture just spent three years investigation the issue and consulting with the various experts and designed a new method for raising strawberries. He is now producing what the article calls, "FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, Strawberries without bugs"., and it is supervised under the kashrut certification of Belz Machzikei Hadas.

According to the article, the strawberries have been examined over a long period of time in labs and have no bugs. The article does however conclude saying that the hothouse has produced "strawberries that are kosher and clean from most of the common bugs, not including a few individual bugs that are rarely found and can be easily removed with a good washing".

Wait, so for the first time ever they don't have bugs or for the first time they still have bugs but not so many? And we will still have to wash them well - and will they still define the required washing as including soaking in soapy water or water with chemicals for x amount of time?

I am overjoyed that he has succeeded in his mission, and I am overjoyed that maybe now many more frum Jews will be able to enjoy fresh strawberries... but "for the first time in history"? really? For the first time in history there will now be strawberries without bugs? seems a little dramatic.

is this esrog good for Sukkos?
this is what they call a strawberry?

I want to know when they will come to market and be available in the local shops for purchase...

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  1. Yes, I was delivered some of those BUG FREE strawberries for Tu b’Shvat! 🙃😌

  2. You'll get them for a nice price.

  3. After a few days in the fridge they started getting ‘funny’. I had to cut out the not so good parts and slice them into some almond/coconut milk. They wouldn’t last till Tu B'Shevat which is what I wanted them for. Also, they were not red red and juicy i.e. not ripe enough. A bit disappointing. Haven’t tasted them yet.

    1. maybe it is too early in the season? I wonder if they are lower quality and the engineering to rid it of bugs also perhaps harmed the taste and durability of the fruit

  4. follow the money trail and then you will first figure out what is really going in here and I suspect that it has nothing to do with bugs...


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