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Jan 24, 2018

Quote of the Day

Tel Aviv is also conquered territory

  -- MK Hanin Zoabi (UAL)

responding to a question about her opposition to the possible opening of a new medical school in the University of Ariel and if her opposition would be the same even if the discussion were for a school in Tel Aviv.

If anybody thinks the issue between the Israelis and Palestinians is only regarding Judea and Samaria (aka the West Bank), think again....

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  1. Someone has to start reminding her that the entire North American continent, South American continent and the Australian continent are also conquered territory. Most of the world has been conquered at one time or another, but those I mentioned were conquered by ancestors of the present inhabitants. Mecca and Medina were conquered by her prophet. Most of the Middle East by his adherents.

    In other words, that a piece of land was conquered doesn't make it special. In fact, quite the opposite.

  2. This is why we won't have peace "until Moshiach comes," in the words of our friend of the family. The 1948 war may never have ended (from Daniel Gordis' book) and we didn't come any closer to peace with Oslo. Better to face this and be respected than try to earn the world's goodwill by endangering our security.


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