Jan 16, 2018

drop the Beis Yaakov

A group of Roshei Yeshiva have met to discuss a new seminar in Jerusalem for young women that is opening up. This is considered a seminary for "modern Haredi" women and they offer more diverse, and higher level, academic studies than your average Beis Yaakov.

The conclusion of the meeting was to warn people to stay away fro this seminary and to not send their daughters to it. They say the people running it are not compatible with the spirit of Beis Yaakov and sending one's daughters to it is putting them at educational risk.
source: Actualic

caveat: I don't personally know anything about this school, Bnos Chayil.

I don't understand what the rabbonim want - on the one hand, they will not accept girls from more modern families into the mainstream schools and instead they tell such epople to open a more modern school appropriate for them, while on the other hand they then come out in opposition to schools that are opened up for more modern students.

From the other perspective, maybe the people behind such schools should not call them Beis Yaakov. Start a different organization, a different chain of schools, and they will have no connection to the Beis Yaakov organization. Maybe then the rabbonim won't bother opposing them.

I understand everyone in the Haredi community wants to send their daughters to Beis Yaakov, as we tend to think that is the only kosher school for Haredi girls, and they do consider themselves Haredi, even if a bit more modern or more culturally Israeli. If they called the school something else, parents might hesitate before sending their daughters. Beis Yaakov has done a great job marketing itself as THE school for the frum girl (and in Israel specifically for the Haredi girl), and it will be difficult to supplant that with another chain of schools, but perhaps that is what needs to be done.

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  1. Or, parents could stop being mindless sheep that listen to people who want to enslave them. Of course, that would go against decades of conditioning, but it has to start somewhere.

  2. Well, Beit Yaakov was created for pretty modern-minded girls a hundred years ago, so there's that.


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