Jan 25, 2018

Tweet of the Day

what would be a more appropriate word, if mentsch has to be taken out of the dictionary?

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  1. this unfortunate alt-left cousin of rabbi harry maryles used to be 'orthodox' , but her arch-femensim led her to leave traditional judaism to become a reform rabbi , and general nuisance....

  2. Sorry...Elana Sztokman is completely off base.

    It seems that being pro-life and abiding by the "Pence rule," where he avoids being alone in the same room with a female other than his wife, is "throwing women under the bus." Apparently feminists these days resort to such extreme rhetoric.

    Even those who you hate (e.g. a certain president) do the right thing every so often. So Pence does not have to apologize for what he says about Israel, and his critic is wrong.

    As for "mensch," there is no need to remove it from the dictionary. Unfortunately, this word is seen as being for men only, but unless there is another word that covers women, it is a perfectly good word for "menschen" of both genders.


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