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Jan 25, 2018

Deri sued in beis din for deporting migrants

Minister Aryeh Deri is, once again, being sued, in beis din, for his work as Interior Minister.

This time it is a fellow named Dr Uri Weiss suing Deri.I don't know anything about Dr Weiss, but he seems to bear the description of being a leftist activist.

Weiss is suing Deri for his decision to deport illegal African migrants to Rwanda. I guess he figured a Haredi minister would not be able to ignore the decision of a beis din.

Weiss's claim is that the decision to deport them to Rwanda puts them in danger of being abused violently there and treated very poorly, and that is in opposition to the Torah commandment to not give over an escaped slave to his master - לא תסגיר עבד אל אדוניו.

Weiss explains that sending them to Rwanda is a death penalty for many and will be torture for many. Rwanda has not promised them citizenship and it does not follow the Noahide laws. The solution of the Torah for such a person is the passuk that says to let him live among you.
source: Kikar and Actualic

I wait to see what happens. A private beis din really should refuse to hear such cases that involve national politics and the like. At most this should have to go through the official Rabbanut beis din, but even they really should not be empowered to hear such cases. I am curious as to what a beis din would say. Especially in light of the fact that these are not slaves and the statement of the passuk might not apply to them.

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  1. This Weiss is a nut job and is obviously a leftist who has no right to sue anyone in a beis din because these migrants according to Halacha need to be deported. The more one reads and learns what's happening, it just boggles the mind - all this in holy Eretz Yisrael.


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