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Jan 23, 2018

Headlines Podcast: Genetic Testing in Halacha (audio)

another good episode from the Headlines podcast.. I have no specific comments on this very interesting discussion, except for one point, and that is that Dor Yeshorim was founded in 1983. According to the discussion, I think it was Gideon Weitzman who said it but not sure I am remembering correctly, there was no genetic testing until Dor Yeshorim came along. I dispute that. My parents told me when I was dating that they had been tested for the Tay Sachs carrier status way back when (it would have been the late 1960s, though I do not know when exactly). True, it was not the same system - they did it in a hospital and were told the results, unlike the way Dor Yeshorim does it. My point is there was genetic testing before Dor Yeshorim, just not in the way and scope and organization as it is done by Dor Yeshorim.

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