Aug 7, 2018

Will shtreimels be banned in Los Angeles?

According to Fox News, the City of Los Angeles is looking into the possibility of the banning of the sale and production of fur.

Activist groups have met with city councilmen and pushed this proposal, which is being considered for passage into law.

For them the issue is largely fur coats and apparel such as handbags and the like. For the Jewish community it will mostly affect the availability of shtreimels.

If the law should pass, I guess it would still be possible to buy shtreimels outside of LA and bring them into LA personally, but many do not have the luxury of traveling to buy a shtreimel.

According to the article, they are also looking into "the legal ramifications regarding the fur hats often worn by Hasidic Jewish men". I guess that means they might consider including an exception based on religious grounds. The other option would be to either leave Los Angeles or start buying synthetic. I don't see why that is a problem, but if it wasn't done 200 years ago, there will surely be resistance to doing it now..

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  1. Re anything about California makes no sense. They have really gone bonkers in every respect!
    Quite a sick state.

  2. Are there any streimel stores in LA? I'd be surprised if you can buy them anywhere outside Brooklyn, Monsey and maybe Lakewood. (Talking about the US, of course they are sold in EY.)

  3. I have no idea about shops but there is a sizeable hassidic community there with a number of shuls. I would not be surprised if there was a local hat store that ordered from NY and held some stock to sell locally

  4. Stupid nonsense. This is not a religious issue. Shtreiimels are not religious articles. They were only worn in Eastern Europe during the cold weather by the goyim, and the Jews imitated them. Isn't that chukas ha goy? Ban them, and practice more Torah instead, and save money too, for their kids!

  5. How can they marry off their daughters if the father / brothers don't wear appropriate hats, knickers, etc?


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