Oct 10, 2018

temporary teudat zehut for elections

Municipal elections are set to take place at the end of October - October 30, 2018 to be precise.

Some voters are expected to encounter problems voting, due to having lost their identity card and/or drivers license, or not having a driver's license, or 17 year olds who have not yet taken out a teudat zehut...

Because nowadays all new teudat zehut's issued are on the biometric system, it takes a much longer time to do, and anyone going now to the Ministry of the Interior to get a teudat zehut is not going to get it in time, many people might lose out the opportunity to vote.

To rectify this situation, Minister of the Interior Aryeh Deri has issued an order to the staff that for now they should issue temporary id cards that will be valid for voting at the end of October, while they wait for the permanent id card.
source: Behadrei

I do not know why it takes so long to issue the biometric documents. You'd think the more hi-tech the system gets, the faster it would be. Anyways, don't wait until the last minute. You know there will be a last minute rush. Don't lose out your opportunity to vote, in whatever city you might be. Take care of your proof of identity now, before it gets to be too late!

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