Oct 10, 2018

Quote of the Day

The victory has to be with a large differential to erase, once and for all, and legal claims. Moshe Abutbol is the best mayor Bet Shemesh ever had and ever will have.

  -- Minister Aryeh Deri, at the ceremony for the opening of Moshe Abutbol's campaign headquarters in Bet Shemesh

There is a very good chance that Moshe Abutbol is the best mayor Bet Shemesh ever had. I am not so familiar, beyond a little bit of reading over the years, with all the mayors of Bet Shemesh in the past, but there is a good chance that that part of the statement is correct. it is at least a reasonable claim, if debatable.

But the best mayor Bet Shemesh will ever have? Unless he plans on Moshe Abutbol being mayor for the next 50, 100, 500 years, why does he not hope for an even better mayor one day? Is this it - from here it is only downhill? nobody can ever be better?

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