Jan 31, 2019

Benny Gantz's notes

Benny Gantz gave his big speech the other day. People are now laughing at him and saying he is clearly too inexperienced. Why? Not because of anything specific he said, or did not say, which would be reasonable to disagree with or criticize. Rather, they are laughing at him because of what he did with what he said.

After the big speech, Gantz left the podium and eventually the room and everyone moved on. A journalist found Benny Gantz's notes from his speech left behind on the podium. The notes were in addition to the teleprompters commonly used. The notes were marked up with comments and reminders,  such as where to pause and for how long, where to wait for Boogie Yaalon to walk in, what to stress, and whatever other little reminders he thought he might need.

People are blasting him as inexperienced, a fake or fraud - all because his speech notes were marked up.

Benny Gantz is definitely an inexperienced politician. As much as it took in a political sense for him to maneuver through the IDF all the way up to the position of Ramatkal, Chief of Staff, in the political world he is a novice. Regardless of what he did with his speech notes.

That being said, Gantz's notes indicate nothing about his character or inexperience. It is common for anybody giving a speech, especially for important speeches, to have notes and to mark them up with reminders. While some public speakers are talented enough to speak with no notes, that is usually a speaker who is going around repeating the same speech a thousand times in different places and has it all memorized and worked out. And most of those guys usually use notes and/or teleprompters as well. Most politicians, especially for a big speech, will have notes to help them remember when to pause, when to stress, when to display something, etc. I see absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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  1. Anyone who would make fun of a man who knows his own weaknesses and prepares counter-measures is an idiot, and deserves to be led by idiots. Unfortunately, the rest of us will be led by the same idiots.


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