Jan 31, 2019

Interesting Psak: Crossing on Red

The rabbonim of Bnei Braq, including Rabbis Chaim Meir Wosner, Yiyzchal Zilbershtein, and Shimon Baadani, have decided to issue a psak jointly calling on the public to not cross the street against a red light.

The impetus for this historic psak is an increase in the number of traffic accidents in the city. To combat the increase in accidents, the city has installed new traffic lights around town at intersections that previously did not have any. Despite that, there are still many people who cross against the light and put themselves and other people in danger - and the children learn from seeing the adults behavior that it is ok to cross on a red.

Ergo, the psak says, based on the commandment of guarding your safety, every person is obligated to wait at the light and crosswalk patiently and only cross when the crossing light indicates green. And people must realize the tremendous responsibility they bear in being an example for the youth.
source: Kikar

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  1. Being a New Yorker, I was brought up to ignore red lights when walking. When I first came to Israel, it took me a while to get used to the idea of actually STOPPING simply because the light was red.

    1. what changed that in Israel you need to stop at the light rather than cross like you did in NY?

    2. In NY everyone crosses at red (except my Shver) - here I didn't want to be the poreitz geder. Especially, as you point out, because of the impression it might make on children.


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