Jan 15, 2019

it is an honor to treat terrorists but not Netanyahu

A senior doctor at Hillel Yaffe Hospital, Dr Yaron Rieber, head of the Neurology department, said that Netanyahu must be removed and taken down. Rieber also said that if Netanyahu would come in for treatment he would refuse to treat him.

Rieber, like anybody else, is entitled to his political opinions and he is perfectly within his rights to want Netanyahu replaced and removed from the PMO. Saying you would refuse to treat him should he come in for medical care is another story.

We have seen the medical industry in Israel go the extra mile to treat terrorists and leaders of foreign countries and armies that are hostile to Israel, and get tremendous praise for considering medical care for everyone the most humane and altruistic.I don't know what Dr Rieber thinks about treating terrorists but the Israeli medical industry should roundly condemn Rieber for his statement about potentially refusing treatment to the PM, and the hospital he works for should look into sanctioning him if any rules have actually been broken (refusing treatment is a problem, saying you would refuse treatment is not necessarily the same thing).

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  1. This doctor forgot his oath of having to treat anyone who comes to him for treatment. Something is very wrong with society today; there's either something in the water or maybe all this technology that has made humanity go off the rails. This MD nees a refuah!

  2. Now we can understand why Chazal tell us that 'doctors' have a portion in gehinnom.


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