Jan 21, 2019

the women's march and its stand on Israel and Palestine

A lot is being made about the women's march in the USA and the connection the founders have to anti-Zionist and BDS groups and individuals, along with the anti-semitism of the founders and organizers themselves with a clear and overt anti-semitic message.

What I do not get is why a group marching for women's rights has to take a stand on the Israel-Palestine conflict or on anti-semitism and Jews at all. What is the relevance? Can't they just march for women's rights and make their agenda completely and entirely about the goal of their organization being women's rights? 

I see all this discussion online about this group and their events and how they relate to Jews and Israel and I just don't get why they get involved in these issues at all as it seems to me to be so off-topic for them.

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  1. It's because of the concept of "intersectionality", which basically stands for the proposition that all prosecutions of groups come from the same place, and therefore all "persecuted peoples" must support each other. This concept is accepted as an obvious fact by many on the Left, and is the reason that supporters of one downtrodden group (say, African-Americans) will automatically support another group they see as "persecuted" (such as "Palestinians").

    The idea is patently nonsensical to anyone who is intellectually honest with himself, but holds an appeal to anyone just looking for something facile that "sounds good".

  2. I read an editorial recently (I think on ToI) that points out that the Women's March platform doesn't mention much of anything to do with women's rights. It's virtue signaling.

    1. For be it from me to defend the Women's March, but if you look at their website (https://march.womensmarch.com/mission-and-principles) women's rights are front and center. Your comment piqued my interest so I googled "Women's March platform" and got right to that. Not sure what was in the editorial.

    2. Here's the article. I didn't fact check it.


  3. the organizers of the women's march are promoting hate and discrimination. their primary target is men in general, and white men in particular. like so many others who find that hate soothes their soles and make them feel better about themselves, they seek an ever widening circle of people to hate. in particular they seek to hate and discriminate against those that they perceive as being moral, and living in accordance with the natural order. it is a big compliment (although perhaps not completely earned) that they single out jews and israel to be the targets of their venom.


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