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Feb 28, 2006

another David Lavon film

These yeshiva guys are crazy.. we were not like this when I was in yeshiva..

My head hurts just watching it..


  1. Do you recognize Slice of Life in the very beginning?

  2. ROTFL!!!

    btw, those crashes are equally convincing live. The first couple times you see him do it, you yell "Oh man! Are you okay!?"

  3. I did not at first but now that I paid attention I see the entrance...

  4. they look painful. Most of them look pretty real, but some look clearly staged as the falling and the hitting of the head are mistimed...

  5. why? good question.. this Lavon guy seems to be a real charachter...

  6. If today's video equipment existed like that when I was in yeshiva, then I would have been doing the exact same thing :-)

  7. I think Lavon's head got it pretty bad after that film clip..


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