Jun 27, 2007

Hamas is now a "resistance movement"?

I know it is all a matter of semantics, but that really is everything in politics. Politicians have to be cautious how they word their statements. If they choose one word over another, it could be the cause for an embargo, a war, warming of relations between countries, etc. A politician has to be very careful with his (or her) wording.

US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, in a recent interview with the New York Daily News, referred to Hamas, twice, as a "resistance movement". The full text of the interview can be read on the State Department website.

That is unusual, because the official US government's policy has been that Hamas is a terror organization, not a resistance movement.

Was it a simple slip on Condy's part, or is it indicative of the Bush administrations attitude to the Middle East situation?

(HT with more details: WorldNet Daily)


  1. How can it be a slip if it is an established pattern? So many people reacted to her last time as "we hope it was a slip" but here she goes and does it again and again. How quickly we forget only a few months: you forget the time a couple of months ago that she said the same thing on european tv and everyone was all ready to forgive her...i think the WND article is linked in the new one. http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=54091

  2. I was just offering the option of a slip up. I do nto believe it to be so. I do not like the Bush Administration and do not understand why israelis think they are so friendly to Israel. They are no more or less friendly than any other previous administration, in my opinion.
    The religious jews like him because he is a bible thumper. I am not a fan of Christian bible thumpers.

  3. yeah, people offered up that excuse for her last time... that was 5 months ago. how many sliips on the same mistake does she get???


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