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Jun 28, 2007

Israel Baseball League updates

Here are some basic news updates from the Israel Baseball League's first week.

No, I still have not yet gone to a game.

The Bet Shemesh Blue Sox are still leading the standings. The Blue Sox are undefeated with a record of 3-0.

There has already been a game played under protest. League Commissioner Daniel Kurtzer (yes, the same guy who used to be US Ambassador to Israel) ruled to disallow the protest. The protest was based on the suspicion of use in a home run derby between Ranana and Modiin, which is basically the way the resolve a game when it is tied and goes into extra innings.
Although the bat in question was clearly not allowed per League rules, and although the Modi’in Manager followed the proper procedure for protesting the situation during and immediately after the batter’s at-bat, there are insufficient grounds to overturn the umpire’s ruling on the field.
The Commissioner also considered penalties against the batter for using an illegal bat. However, because the League did not adequately communicate its rules to Managers and players before the start of the season, the Commissioner decided to issue a warning to the player. Furthermore, the Commissioner has advised all Managers and players that any future breach of the IBL rules could, without further warning, result in suspensions, fines or other penalties.
The first no-hitter of Israel Baseball has been thrown! Ra’anana's Esequier Pie threw a no-hitter against Modiin while striking out 7 batters. Ra'anana won the game 1-0 after winning the home run derby by 4-3..

"Take me out to the ball game..."


  1. why not just play till the tie ends? why a HR contest?

    why are they allowed to use anything but wood bats?

    If this league wants legitimacy from americans, they ought to play by MLB rules.

  2. oh please. I am not going to justify the rukles, as I am not familiar with them. There are issues here that make things require different solutions. The game is only 7 innings long to begin with. Why a home run derby? I do not really know, but my guess would be that they cannot really play ball at night at this time. The field conditions seem to not allow it, or at least in some of the fields. Maybe in the future as they build more, that will be changed, but I know games at Gezer Field were recently moved up to 5:00 pm frm 6pm because they were playing into dusk and it was hard to see the ball. Maybe at Yarkon Field it is better, but if they cannot play at night at Gezer, than they need a different solution than extra innings.. I guess the home run derby is that solution.

    It happens to be similar to soccer where, I think, if they game ends in a tie, they have a penalty kick shootout.

    I do not know about the bats.

  3. Forget going to watch a game Rafi. You should go play!

  4. i have to infer then, that they haven't installed lights.

    did you even try out?

  5. Gezer Field has lights, but I guess they must not be good enough for baseball... don't know.

    I did not try out. If I had made it into the league, I would not be able to come in for the bar mitzva!

    But anyway I know I would not have made it...

  6. i tagged u in my blog. u don't have 2 do it if u don't wanna.

  7. thanks doodlehead, but I already did it here: http://lifeinisrael.blogspot.com/2007/06/8-things-about-me.html


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