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Aug 5, 2007

don't kiss that mezuza

According to this article on Ynet, Conservative Rabbi Simcha Roth recommends against kissing mezuzas in public places (especially in hospitals). He deems it a danger (of contracting iruses and germs left by other people. I guess the rule of "sakanta chamira m'issura" - danger is worse than prohibition - would apply in such a case, according to Rabbi Roth.

Kissing a mezuza is only a tradition, not a mitzva, and therefore he recommends against it.

Another one bites the dust..


  1. During seminary years I got into the habit of touching the mezuza with the back of my hand and kissing the inside of my hand (the fingertips). Why? Cause some of the girls were being silly and putting their lips on the mezuzot and giving mezuzot wet kisses. lol.

  2. I had a friend in Yeshiva who always pointed to a mezuza and kissed his hand. I never looked it up, but he always claimed his behavior was based on a Rambam.

  3. This is one of the silliest rulings I have ever heard of. Especially considering that I have never actually seen anyone kiss the mezuzah directly; I always see people kiss their fingers and then touch the mezuzah, or touch the mezuzah and then kiss their fingers.

  4. So no more strawberries...concerts or mezuzas.

    I have a mezuza fetish I think. I can't go in or out of any room without kissing it. Well, not kissing it but touching it and kissing my fingers. Tell you what...I haven't had a cold or flu in well over a year.

    Rebel: Ewww

  5. isnt the minhag just to touch the doorpost?


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