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May 14, 2009

Picture of the Day (potd)

That charm necklace Chief Rabbi Amar is wearing in the picture during his visit with the Pope was for the purpose of warding off the spiritual effects of the cross worn by the Pope.


  1. frum bling bling!

  2. Or yingl blingl.

  3. so, does this mean he is acknowledging that the cross has some spiritual power, or is he just being over "chukos hagoyim" by imitating their religious practices?

    or is he just trying to be obnoxious on purpose and saying "look , my bling is bigger than your bling"

  4. Is it bad that the first thing I thought of when I saw the picture was the kids purim costume of a sefer torah?

  5. Rafi, as we are even permitted to be מחלל שבת משום איבה, maybe things like this should be kept quiet?

  6. this was in a public ceremony and was all over the news around the world. what is there to keep quiet?

  7. What is a bling bling?

  8. I agree with the anon above (6:18 PM May 14). This shouldn't be advertised. In fact, I think the whole thing was done in very poor taste.

    This makes me really uncomfortable. If he (Rav Amar) felt that strongly, he could have kept something hidden on his person and not made such a scene...what, he didn't think this would be picked up by the chiloni media? PULEEZE!

  9. what is so wrong with this that he should have worried about it being picked up in the news and he should have hidden it?
    I think it is kind of silly, but I imagine that he, being involved in Judaism at more mystical and spiritual level does not see this as something to hide but seriously felt the need to counter the impurity of the cross. I cant explain it, and trying to in my head just makes it seem sillier but I imagine he was very serious about it

  10. This has nothing to do with mysticism.

    It has everything to do with "back at ya" and "in your face."

    Kol Hakavod, Rav Amar.


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