Mar 18, 2010

The new mehadrin bus

The image below was part of a display created by graduates of an advertising course. It is startling, unique and shocking enough that I like it, albeit it is a sad situation that this is what we fight about.

The caption on the bus reads, "Don't let religion tie you up"


  1. Note the small print "למותת חופש" before the phrase "Don't Let Religion Tie You Up".

    How would you translate that?

    Joel Katz
    Religion and State in Israel

  2. Joel,

    It appears to be "עמותת חופש", which, according to their website, seems to be a rabidly anti-religious group.

  3. Thanks Yoni!
    Yes, the "ayin" looks close to a "lamed". got me confused.

  4. What saddens me, of course, is that holy t'fillin have to be seen as an instrument of oppression or associated with something contentious and unnecessary like the mehadrin bus.

  5. This bus reminds me of another bus...

  6. duh till you wrote that I didn't chap it was tefillin just thought it was being tied up with a black hat on the front. I'll bet some others who aren't familiar with tefilin up close will also miss it.


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