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Jun 3, 2010

Lightening the mood in the nesset, a bitK

Among the raucous fighting in the Knesset yesterday, during the plenum discussion on the topic of the flotilla, there was a light moment provided by MK Eliezer Moses (UTJ).

When Moses took his turn to speak, he said the following, "It is told that Shchem ben Chamor took Dina the daughter of Yaakov. The sons of Yaakov decided to fight them with trickery, and convinced them to circumcise themselves. On the third day after the circumcisions, at the height of their pain, the children of Yaakov killed them all to save their sister.

The question is asked why did they convert them to Jews?

The answer is that if the children of Yaakov had killed them when they were still non-Jews, the Security Council would have screamed out and the UN would have screamed "Gevald!" - but to kill Jews? nu nu, that can be let go without superfluous commissions of inquiry.

After the mood in the Knesset was slightly lightened and everyone had a good laugh, Moses continued...

Nearly 1500 days Gilad Shalit is in the Gaza Strip. The UN council doesn't debate it and has not established any commissions of inquiry about that. Now, when a boat of terror activists whose whole goal is to create a provocation, when they come and beat our soldiers with metal bars and other "humanitarian" utensils, the whole world cries out. It is distressing that the IDF Spokesman put out the pictures too late, but after they were publicized, it is difficult to not see how troubling the situation on the boat was. How can we sit in [the Knesset] together with MKs that were on the boat, without confiscating her passport?! Sitting with us is a group of hallucinatory MKs, yet the Knesset committee does nothing.

My favorite of yesterdays speeches and screeches in the Knesset...


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. That's actually not a bad idea on how to get world pressure to free Shalit. Next time someone can see him, make sure he's baptized. The world will have no problem pressuring Hamas to let a Christian out of captivity.

  3. And all this time I thought UTJ MK's just show up to get money for yeshivas..

  4. So why doesn't Israel follow the example of Yaakov Avinu? Convert all the terrorists...


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