Dec 29, 2010

Interesting Psak: Which Music Should Be Used To Introduce Shabbos

In most areas in Israel, and all religious areas, Shabbos is introduced with a siren announcing the onset. In many areas the siren has been replaced by, or adjoined with, a musical recording of a song related to Shabbos.

Rav Amnon Yitzchak has been waging a campaign against what he has determined to be music and musicians that is prohibited in Judaism. He has targeted some specific musicians.

A group of avreichim in Bnei Braq went to Rav Steinman saying that the siren in their area has been playing Shabbos songs by singers who do not listen to the gedolim. They asked if that is ok.

Rav Steinman responded that the sirens should not play music by singers who act in opposition to the directions of the gedolim. Music has a special power of influence and Shabbos should be "brought in" with holy music and not songs that are against the spirit of the Torah.

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