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Feb 18, 2015

election campaign broadcasts (video)

Yesh Atid
Shmuel Chaim Peppenheim's story (according to a comment last night, this was an unauthorized use and he claims to not have shot this film for Yesh Atid but was part of a different video he was involved in regarding Haredim and the workforce. if true, in my opinion, he should sue)

Habayit Hayehudi
Israel - fighting for your freedom

Hamachane Hatzioni
you failed, go home

collecting for a family in distress with housing problems (I think this was the best video of the day, especially filming in front of a bottle recycling cage, until Likud released their Pizza Bujie video)

Bujie's voice (and this is the silliest and most pointless video of the day),, if I understood the point, people are unsure because of Bujie's voice, so he changed it, at least in the video

Pizza Bujie, with a Tzippi extra (this is the best of the day)

how Tzippi Livni is trying to get to the prime ministerial seat

Yisrael Beyteynu
we succeeded in invalidating Hanin Zoabi

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  1. Not sure why Shmuel is denying any link to Yesh Atid. It could be from fear of repercussions in the Chareidi world. However, I received the following message from Dov Lipman:

    "Shmuel Poppenheim signed a document saying that he was aware that the video was being used for the Yesh Atid campaign.The video was filmed by a Yesh Atid crew and Yesh Atid representatives were there."

  2. Was the video shot before the election was called or after he election was called?


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