Jun 30, 2020

the pepperoni swastika

A fellow stopped at a Little Ceasars Pizza Shop in Brook Park, Ohio on his way home to pick up a pizza pie for dinner with his wife. After arriving home, they open the pizza box to dig in to dinner and to their surprise and shock they see the pepperonis on top of the pie laid out in the symbol of a swastika.

The couple called the shop back and it was already closed for the night, so they posted about it on social media. Two employees admitted to being responsible. They did not say, according to any reports, why they did this. The two were quickly fired.
source: CNN

Little Ceasars isn't kosher, but if they were looking for a way to make their pizza even less kosher than treif, they found it.

I did not see any indication in any of the articles I saw that this family, the Laska family, is Jewish and that they were specifically targeted by the pizza guy that felt so creative.

Interestingly, the Haredi website Actualic reported on this story as well, but they didnt mention pepperoni. They said it was tomatoes laid out in the shape of a swastika.

I don't know why they chose to design a pepperoni swastika, rather than the famous symbol of Julius Ceasar or the Roman Eagle symbol.

By then they probably didn't have an appetite, but I hope Little Ceasars offered them a whole bunch of free pies or something.


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