Mar 29, 2006

Hopefully a good outcome of the elections

If any one good thing has come out of the elections, it is that Rafi Eitan from the Pensioners Party succeeded in getting in. Not only did he get in, he was given a lot of power. None of the analysts yet understand how he got so many votes, but he did, and that is good.

Rafi Eitan has a rich history as a member and commander in the Mossad. He led the team that captured Adolph Eichmann yimach shemo v'zichro, and brought him back to Israel for trial. In addition to that and many other secret events that we do not know about, he was involved in another, more public, operation. Rafi Eitan was Jonathan Pollard's handler.

I will not go into the story and background of Jonathan Pollard and his incarceration. Everybody knows that and has there opinions on whether he should rot in jail, as he has until now, as a traitor to his employer, the United States of America, or whether he has served more than a fair amount of "time" in jail for a crime he comitted, when other spies caught for worse things have served much less than JP.

I used to be of the opinion that it was a stain on Jewish - America relations and he should rot in jail for the crime he comitted. Over the past few years I have thought much about the Pollard case and have changed my opinion. JP has served more than his fair amount of time for the crime he comitted.

Rafi Eitan, while this was not his party's platform, has said that he has worked for Pollard's release and has regretted never doing more or having more influence and effecting his release. he has said that if he gets in to Knesset, he will use his position as a platform to secure JP's release from incarceration.

If that is the one good thing that comes of yesterday's elections, dayeinu. Get to work Mr. Eitan. Get Pollard out of jail.


  1. Show me the goose. Dead. I was to see the trachea. Post it on this site.

    The goose must go.

  2. I agree with you Rafi, it would be fantastic if he helps Jonathan Pollard get out of jail. Hashem works in ways we can't even imagine sometimes.

  3. that and lev melachim b'yad Hashem.

  4. It's interesting how Casper Weinberger, who was the one who made sure Pollard stayed in jail, died yesterday.
    Of course, nothing is coincidence.

  5. Rafi G., you should read what Mrs. Pollard has to say about Rafi Eitan. It's shocking. And while we can't be sure who said what, it should at least make you think.

  6. wow. shocking article.. 2 sides to every story i guess (or maybe 3 sides)


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