Mar 29, 2006

The people have spoken

It looks like the people have spoken. With an unprecedented low turnout of voters in the Israeli elections yesterday, those who did bother to go vote have had their say.

It looks more like people want a more social agenda than the free market with little government interference that we have had the past few years. People want more government assistance and influence on the economic sectors.

I would say that while Kadima has become the largets party in the crowded field, they were disappointed at the amount of seats they won. I think this is because their major platform was further disengagements. I think people are more interested in the economic issues and the social platform than they were in the future disengagements issue. That is why Labor did so well. That is why the Pensioners party pulled off the great surprising victory they did. An that is why the Likud crashed even harder than anybody expected.

What worried me now is not future disengagements. That might happen, but that is not what worries me. What really worries me is the achievements we have made in the past 3 years financially and economically will now be wiped out. With Labor pushing their agenda and the Pensioners pushing theirs, if they join the coalition and force Kadima to accept those positions, we might be turning the clock back three years. Bibi successfully revolutionized the economy and vastly improved the economic conditions Israel has been in for the past three years. I am worried we are headed back to the days of high unemployment and inflation.

Time will tell.


  1. I said kill the goose.

    The goose must die.

  2. I agree with you, the economic danger is worse then the political danger. See my analysis

  3. I am really worried all the advances we have made will be wiped out


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